Sunday, October 08, 2006

14 weeks pregnant

In the last week, I've made macaroni and cheese with bechamel sauce, gnocchi (storebought, I'm human) with pesto (fresh, absolutely), pasta topped with bacon, countless apples topped with peanut butter, pancakes smothered in yogurt (twice), a bagel and cream cheese, potato foccacia, and an apple/cranberry pie with strusel topping. And this is only the beginning.

The limited-wheat thing? Not so much.

So, I'm hungry after three months of small bites. I ate lunch twice today. And I'm still hungry.

The master plan is to put so much weight on my ass that it will draw the eye from my stomach and I can put off announcing the big news to my boss. Not working so far. W. looks at me every morning, sighs, and says, "You know, you've really got to tell them."

Other slice of pie, and I can maybe put it off until we pass deadline.


Anonymous Allison said...

WOW!! I am really excited for guys. I used to ask Wolf when you guys were gonna have a baby, but I stopped asking and enjoyed living vicariously through the adventures of people that get to travel and finish college before kids..sigh.. Don't want to say all the usual remarks about your lives being changed forever, etc. (even though they're all true) but I am sincerely happy. It is quite the adventure. Hope to connect with you guys sometime. Much love :) Allison

11:49 PM  

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