Monday, October 09, 2006

Green leaf lettuce recall

Reason #581 to shop at the farmers' market:

Today, green leaf lettuce from the Salinas Valley was recalled. The spinach ban has lifted, but bagged spinach still gives me the creeps. And maybe it should. Central processing spreads potential contamination across the United States--the same bacteria that killed a woman in Wisconsin could be in my food in California. If any one farm that supplies a central processing facility has tainted spinach, the bacteria is efficiently distributed to thousands of Americans within days.

At the Saturday farmers' market in Nearby College Town, I buy my greens from Rob. I know his practices (organic, but not certified). My risk of food poisoning by green leafys is limited to one farm--one local farmer I trust. And I'll take those odds.

Tonight, a mixed green salad with sweet pears and stilton dressed with walnut oil and balsamic vinegar.


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